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A perfectly simple CRM and CMS for your business

No Training Required

Intuitive design and helpful guides on every page enable you and your employees to confidently start using this CRM the first day.
Screenshot of Jimp Cloud CRM and CMS Dashboard
Just click on the ? to read the help docs.

Form Builder

Build new forms and manage submitted forms. Screenshot of Jimp Cloud CRM and CMS DashboardGot data to track? Build forms (checklists, contracts, registration... anything) that can be filled out for each of your contacts, or completed and signed by your contacts via your website. Modify, clone, update and keep your whole team on the same page.

Task Management

Manage tasks for each contact with alerts and a calendar to keep you and your employees on time, on task, and in control. Screenshot of Jimp Cloud CRM and CMS DashboardSet recurring tasks that will populate your calendar and alert you when they approach or become overdue.

User Permissions for Everything

Assign viewing and editing permissions for each of your users.Screenshot of Jimp Cloud CRM and CMS DashboardAssign super-user permissions to employees who need to access it all.

Integrated Website Management

Managing your website content shouldn't be hard. If you decide to host your site with Jimp Cloud CMS, it's easier than ever to create a beautiful website that directly connects your customers and clients to the Jimp Cloud CRM. Screenshot of Jimp Cloud CRM and CMS DashboardWith the Website Manager and Form Builder completely integrated, you can easily create questionaires, event registration pages and so much more.

Contact Importer

Easily import your Contacts from Gmail, Outlook, CSV or Vcard.Screenshot of Jimp Cloud CRM and CMS Dashboard

Upload Manager

Upload scanned files, adding a title, description and tags for sorting those old customer documents from your file cabinets. Screenshot of Jimp Cloud CRM and CMS DashboardThen, haul out those file cabinets and make room for a coffee bar.

Responsive, Mobile, and Consistent

Screenshot of Jimp Cloud CRM and CMS DashboardSame functions and features whether you are on your phone, a tablet, or your laptop.

    Anytime Backups

    It's your data, you own it. Create a backup of your data anytime with just one click. The backup will be downloaded to your computer, for your piece of mind.

    CRM only, or
    CRM + Integrated Website Hosting

    Customer & Contact Management (CRM)

    per user, per month

    $1 a day, per user. Now that's affordable.

    Be sure to see the details, but here's a quick list of what the CRM includes...

    • Task & Comment Manager
    • Integrated Calendaring
    • Form Builder
    • Responsive UI
    • Upload Manager
    • Anytime-Backups
    • User Permissions
    • SSL w/ SHA256 encryption
    CRM plus Website Hosting

    per user, per month
    $30 per month for Hosting

    All CRM features plus these additional features...

    • $30 per month, Managed shared hosting for your domain including SSL certificate and Content Management System
    • Website hosting and CMS includes these features...
      • Easy to use Content Management System
      • No hassle SSL certificate for your domain from EFF's Let's Encrypt
      • WYSIWYG Page and News Editor
      • Website Form integration
      • Custom MX record setup